Our Plan

The Blueprint expresses the vision, themes and ideas designed by people during the development phase.

We heard from local people about a deep desire to positively engage with the challenges of the future, to think global and act local, not to react to the agendas and narratives of others, but to build on the best of what we have.

To learn from and develop on our rich history within our landscape, to learn together and take advantage of the opportunities for additional learning that lie both locally and far further afield, and consequently to innovate and join-up locally in order to have impact at scale.

It’s about collaboration within an empowered community, giving local people control and ownership of their own priorities. It’s about sharing our practices, learning and knowledge with pride to collectively improve our area for nature, for ourselves, for our guests and customers, and for future generations.

Our approach:


The themes:

  • Land and Sea
  • Human Connections
  • Research, Development and Learning Together
  • Narrative and Policy

“The land and sea are so interconnected it’s massively important that we work in partnership together to benefit both, Tir Canol is an excellent opportunity to explore this further and build on some amazing work in the area”

Alison Palmer Hargrave


How are we going to achieve this?

We’ve got the people, the ambition, but we need the money to deliver our Blueprint.

We’re currently supported by RSPB Cymru who are funding one full time member of staff. We’re also supported by a small pot of funding from the Woodland Trust, and the voluntary hours of those within the partnership and wider community.

We have a responsibility on behalf of those who took part in the co-design process to secure funding to deliver the Blueprint. This will probably mean a variety of grant funding, crowd funding, private investment and income generating activity.