Our Co-design

Why did we use co-design?

Co-design – Giving more power back to citizens, creating more sustainable relationships and solutions!
Co-design means to design with rather than for people. It is a social movement, a set of mindsets and values, and a set of tools to use for designing. Co-design goes a step further than just involving people in a project, such as consultation or community engagement. It means sharing power and making decisions together.

“Tir Coed connects people with land (Tir) and woods (Coed) by delivering outdoor training, learning and wellbeing programmes across Ceredigion, Powys, Carmarthenshire and Pembrokeshire. We were inspired by the project’s collaborative process which enabled communities to co-create a “Blueprint” reflecting local assets and needs. We are proud to be part of the partnership which will deliver its actions.”

Cath Seymour

Tir Coed

8 workshops

13 drop-in sessions

22 talks to groups and organisations

30+ members of the Liaison Group

300+ people involved in the co-design process

We heard about what challenges we’re facing locally, and the types of solutions we could design to address these.

Throughout the design and planning phase this project has heard a clear message from people for a desire to deliver bespoke mid-Wales solutions to sustaining and restoring a nature rich productive landscape. People believe that these solutions can build on good things already happening in the area, whilst also exploring new opportunities together.

To read the Blueprint in detail click here.

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Listen to Project Development Officer, Sian Stacey, discuss the co-design process with TAIR.

This was recorded in February 2022 and so the project is referred to as Summit to Sea/O’r Mynydd i’r Mor throughout the video. This was the name of the project during the co-design period.