Get Involved

Farmer/Land Manager

We’d love to know what you’re doing on your farm to support nature. Or if you’d like to join in being part of a collective of land managers working together to protect nature alongside existing land uses.


Part of our community?

It’s really important to us that we help each other connect with how our land and sea is managed for the benefit of nature.

We’re hoping to share more opportunities to volunteer, learn and celebrate the good work that’s happening together very soon.


Want to be a partner?

Our partnership is always growing and we’re always open to new partners. We meet regularly, sharing our work and plans together. Click here to arrange a chat with us about becoming a partner.

If you’re a funder or interested in investing

Tir Canol is currently funded through RSPB Cymru and the Woodland Trust’s core funding, however this only covers the ongoing facilitation of the programme.

Tir Canol partners are looking at a range of funding and investment opportunities to bring our plans to life. We want to test our ideas, learn from these pilots and then build bigger and better projects which help nature thrive alongside our existing and future land and sea uses.

Some of these funding opportunities include exploring innovative funding streams, funding which brings about positive change for nature and the climate with people at its heart. If this is something you’re interested in funding or investing in please contact us for a chat.