Our Vision

A community that’s designing and providing positive outcomes for nature and people through our use of the land and sea.

People – a community engaged in land and sea management for nature and us, which celebrates our rich heritage and is sustainable

Land – a community which is working at a landscape scale to support nature

Water – clean and healthy water ways from rivers to the sea

Nature – nature thrives as part of our community

Our Plan

Our plan is presented in our Blueprint. It condenses the vision that we co-designed into one document, capturing our desire for collaboration and increasing local control and ownership of our priorities. It describes how we hope to share our practices, learning and knowledge with pride, and our hope to collectively improve the area for nature, for ourselves, for our guests and customers, and for future generations.

Our approach:



Our themes:

  • Land & Sea management
  • Human Connections
  • Research, development and learning together
  • Narrative and Policy

Read our full Blueprint.


We use the rivers Dyfi in the north and Rheidol in the south as our imagined geographic boundaries. As Tir Canol continues to develop and our community leads on different areas of interest, the geographic area might also evolve. 


An unyielding commitment to co-design meaningfully

Involvement from people on all sides of land-based discussion and politics

30+ members of the Liaison Group

300+ people involved in the co-design process

We’ve got the people, the ambition, and we’re starting to explore how we can deliver our ideas.

We’re currently supported by RSPB Cymru, who are funding one full time member of staff. We’re also supported by a small pot of funding from the Woodland Trust, and the voluntary hours of those within the partnership and wider community.

We have a responsibility on behalf of those who took part in the co-design process to deliver our Blueprint. This will probably mean a variety of grant funding, crowdfunding, private investment and income generating activity.

Want to join us?

If you live in the area

If you’re a funder or interested in investing

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